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MarketingCycle provides the level of marketing expertise big businesses thrive on—but at a price small businesses can afford.


Let’s face it–there’s no point in offering an excellent service or product if customers don’t know about it. Unfortunately, most small businesses can’t afford an in-house marketing department, so too-often marketing is done on an ad hoc basis by people whose talents lay elsewhere–the owner, the salesperson, the bookkeeper, and whatever friends and family members they can draft to the cause. We understand and we want to take you beyond, “your cousin who’s great with PhotoShop.” Nothing against your cousin, but your business deserves better.


MarketingCycle will provide you with all the services you need—and the quality you demand—while fitting into your budget. It’s the marketing department you’ve dreamed of, with experienced web developers, graphic designers, writers and event planners, but without the hefty payroll. We’ll even direct you to the many online tools and resources available, help you build branded templates and teach you to use them effectively so that, if you choose, you can do much of the work in-house.


Nothing would make us happier than to one day hear you say you no longer need us, that you’ve grown so big you require an in-house marketing team. We’ll even consult with you on forming that team. Your success is how we measure our success. And as you prepare to ride off on your own, we will celebrate with you.


Our Team

  • Terri Sundholm

    Terri Sundholm


    email: tsundholm@mktgcycle.com

    direct line: 1.888.600.6584 ext. 100


    An innovative marketing strategist, Terri has over 25 years experience in both B2C and B2B markets. She is a creative thinker with excellent people and problem solving skills. Her clients come from a broad range of industries, including technology and retail. They all value her remarkable ability to develop and execute marketing plans that reach targeted audiences through the web, social media, events, well-designed collateral, and traditional advertising. A resident of Raleigh, Terri holds a Communications degree from Grant MacEwan University in Canada and a Marketing degree from Pace University in New York.

  • Kate Welch

    Kate Welch

    Marketing Coordinator

    email: kwelch@mktgcycle.com

    direct line: 1.888.600.6584 ext. 200


    A superb graphic designer, Kate is a graduate of The State University of New York at Oneonta where she focused on English, Fine Arts, Computer Art and Marketing, all disciplines that she puts to use almost daily for clients of MarketingCycle. Since 2007, this Raleigh resident has been a sought after designer with a passion for illustration, logo development and branding. Her creative skills at MarketingCycle have produced scores of top flight brochures, posters, flyers, data sheets and more for agency customers.



  • Whit Smyth

    Whit Smyth


    email: wsmyth@mktgcycle


    Whit is an award-winning copywriter with over 30 years experience working with agencies and corporations in a wide range of industries. Formerly a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, he has written over 40 brochures for AT&T, produced two restaurant books, developed numerous video scripts and conference materials, written white papers, news releases, feature articles, sales collateral, advertising copy and more. A graduate of Dickinson College and a Navy veteran, Whit lives with his wife, Shari, in Kingston Springs, Tennessee.

Want to Join Our Team?

We are always interested in seeing what new talent can bring to the table!

Please Contact Us if you're if you would like to show us what you can do.


"MarketingCycle has been great! With a new Brand Identity Guide our company now has a consistent brand and message. The team developed initial sales materials (which we desperately needed) and Terri has been a wealth of knowledge and ideas. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with MarketingCycle - there's still lots to do!"

- Doug Mereska, Bankers Commercial Real Estate, Canada




"[MarketingCycle's] creative approach to marketing enabled our small company to make the most of our limited budget while providing a brand and voice for our products and services. They consistently created campaigns to communicate our benefits to prospects and utilized vendor marketing funds whenever possible. This is the type of marketing any company can afford!"

- Gary Lemay, DecisionPoint Systems, Inc., CT




"Terri (Owner and Creative Director of MarketingCycle) has a unique ability to translate business development concepts and ideas into actionable events. I’ve worked with Terri to create annual business development plans that include end user seminars, email and direct mail campaigns, marketing brochures, WebEx events and customer appreciation events. I’ve always found Terri to be creative, high energy, action oriented, professional, fun to work with and willing to do whatever is takes to make a marketing activity successful. In the end, Terri is willing to roll up her sleeves and invest the extra personal effort that’s needed to transform a marketing activity into a successful event or campaign that results in increased awareness and business. I highly recommend working with Terri on any customer facing or internal business development efforts."

- James Skinner, Channel Account Manager, Motorola – Enterprise Mobility Solutions Group , NJ




“Terri brings a level of enthusiasm and expertise to her marketing position that is hard to find in others. Terri is consistently upbeat and positive, and in being so, she is quite persuasive. Terri can get the people around her excited about her company and her attitude spreads and gains momentum.”

- Andrew Setteducate , Senior Account Manager, Motorola, NJ




"I've had the privilege and honor of working with Terri for the past 8 years. She is a tenacious and dogmatic resource for getting the job done. It doesn’t matter what the task at hand is, Terri will tackle it with limited to no resources in a highly professional manner. The results are always above and beyond all expectations. Terri has a keen business sense from a marketing perspective about what the end customer perceives as value. Terri has had her hand in on all of our marketing, proposals, sales slicks, the web site, email campaigns, event coordinating, sales calls, and process control documentation to name a few. I strongly recommend Terri as a marketing resource. She is the consummate business professional."

- Craig Willis, DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. CT




“Terri has a level of energy, drive, and enthusiasm that I have never seen before in an individual. Any function, event, or conference I have attended that was set up, or managed by Terri was always extremely successful, and an event that stands out above all the rest. Terri does an excellent job at promoting core competencies and helps to build customer loyalty. Terri is #1 in the business.”

- Jeffrey DeSimone, Project Manager , Bristol-Myers Squibb, NJ




“Terri is a talented marketer who brought great new ideas and innovation to Simba. Her design sense is superb; she really brought the "look" of Simba's marketing to the next level. I would hire her again in a minute!”

- Donna Devaul , Marketing Director , Simba Information, CT


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